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Massage Services

Massage Services

Massage therapy received regularly helps work out chronic muscular tension. Massage melts away a certain amount of tension in each session, and if received regularly, keeps tension from building up again. This tension can be a result of an injury, stress, depression, chronic ailment or misalignment of the body. Massage helps you identify and correct patterns of holding tension. You can learn to relax and let go of tension you may not have even been aware of.
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We offer 10 different styles of massage therapy and spa services for you to enjoy. We understand everyone needs an escape and that is what we would like to offer you. Our treatments are fully customized to each client.

Swedish Massage is the most common form of massage and is a light massage the mainly relaxes the muscles to ease aches and pains. There is no deep or firm pressure used.

Therapeutic Massage commonly known as deep tissue is used for chronic muscle tension and is a deeper invigorating massage.

Medical Massage is used when working with those whom have been in an accident whether on the job and/or in a car. It is also commonly used for those whom suffer from arthritis pain and discomfort.

Sports Massage is used for the serious athlete who trains continuously. It focuses on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity. It also can include pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance and performance lessen chances of injury and reduce recovery time.

Pregnancy Massage is a mixture of Swedish and Therapeutic massage, depending upon where the client is with their pregnancy. Although the techniques are similar, the mother-to-be will be positioned on her side for access to the back and in a semi-reclined position for the front of the body. Special oils and lotions are also required.
**Massage is not available before the second trimester.**

Corporate Chair Massage is used on site at events, trade shows, conferences, business offices and social gatherings. This technique is used to revitalize, energize and distress the body. Chair massage incorporates Swedish, Therapeutic or Sports massage as needed by the client.
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